Wales and West Gas Pipeline Protection

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Case Study: Fastflow Pipeline Protection Project with GJ Bogmats

Project Overview:

GJ Bogmats was approached by Fastflow on behalf of Wales & West Gas to supply over 400 interlocking cover slabs. The objective was to offer protection for an existing 600mm diameter high-pressure pipeline, amidst ongoing construction work on the A465 dual carriageway under a Welsh Assembly contract.


– The project required a substantial quantity of mats to safeguard a critical infrastructure component effectively.
– Ensuring pipeline protection was crucial, given the scale of construction activities and the pipeline’s significance.
– The operation took place on a busy carriageway, demanding minimal disruption to traffic and high standards of safety.


Leveraging extensive health and safety expertise, GJ Bogmats devised a strategy that prioritized timely delivery and effective protection. The team recommended and implemented the use of 400 interlocking mats, ensuring they were laid out precisely to shield the pipeline throughout the construction period. This approach facilitated the smooth continuation of roadwork while safeguarding the pipeline against potential damages.

Key Highlights:

– Comprehensive Pipeline Protection: Deployed 400 interlocking cover slabs, providing robust protection for the high-pressure pipeline during significant roadwork.
– Expertise-Driven Solution: Utilized vast health and safety knowledge to guide the project, ensuring all recommendations and actions adhered to high safety standards.
– On-Time Delivery and Implementation: Achieved punctual delivery and installation of the mats, ensuring the project proceeded without delay and with minimal impact on the surrounding carriageway traffic.


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