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Do you work on a construction site? Well, construction sites can be messy and full of debris. If you’re working on one and need to protect your vehicles from mud, rain, dirt, salt, oil or anything else that might be on the ground, then you want to use bog mats. At GJ Bog Mats our range of mats come in different sizes for bigger vehicles like trucks and smaller ones like cars. Here is how to use bog mats on construction sites.

Ensure You Know Your Mats

Before using bog mats on your construction site, you need to know what they look like. And which one will work best for this site. You’ll find that there are different kinds of them out there that will help protect your vehicles from just about anything. As you choose, you will find different construction bog mats, such as timber bog mats. While the timber bog mats are pricier than the regular construction bog mats, they always last longer. These mats are big and can be folded up. So you’ll want to know the size of the vehicles that will be parked on this site. It’s best not to get one too big. Because it may become a nuisance, and it won’t fit in the parking spot properly.


Understand the Construction Site’s Ground

When you’re putting down any mat for vehicles, you need to know the ground. You don’t want one that will be too small because it won’t protect your vehicle from anything on the ground. Also, you may have a mat that is a little too big and won’t fit into the parking spot properly, so you’ll need to be able to figure out how many mats you might need for the parking area. The best thing about the mats is that they can be lapped and fitted together.

Fit the Mats Together

If you’re using several bog mats for this construction site or using one big one, it’s helpful to line them up side by side and then fit them together like a puzzle. This will keep the dirt and debris from getting under and around your vehicles. While protecting them from anything else on the ground. It’s best to line these mats up. So that they meet together with no gaps or holes anywhere. Meaning that nothing can get in between them.

Cover the Seams

Once you’ve got your bog mats placed down, it’s time to cover all of the seams where they meet together. If you leave a gap where a seam is, you may have a problem with dirt and water getting in, so it’s best to cover the seams. You can do this by using another bog mat or just placing sections of plywood on top of those areas. Rather than covering them over with some other material that will keep the area tight and dry.

Use Some Extra Material

If you want to make sure that your bog mats get the job done it’s a good idea to use some extra materials on top. Like plywood or anything else that will help protect your vehicles from any dirt, water, oil or debris. You don’t want anything building up under or around these mats. So covering them with some material will be good for you.

Clean the Area Up

Once you’ve got these mats in place, you’ll need to clean the area around them. So that nothing is on or near them that can damage your vehicles or possibly scrape off onto the mats. It’s best to keep the worksite cleaned off and do this before you put down your bog mats to protect the vehicles. You can lift them out and rinse them off when they get dirty. Ideally, you’ll want to keep them covered so that they last longer. By taking care of your mats, you prolong their lifespan and get to enjoy them more.

Why Choose Us?

Before you purchase your bog mats, make sure that you get them from reputable brands only. It’s best to go with a known brand that offers some of the best bog mats on the market at excellent prices. That’s why we offer different kinds and sizes of mud runners so that you can find just what you need for your construction site. We have a wide range of timber bog mats available. From tropical hardwood mats, European hardwood mats, crane pads, Ekki mats. We also deliver a service for temporary access roadway solutions and sea defence access roadways for coastal and beach locations where the ground is soft.

Using bog mats on construction sites is easy and simple to do. You only need to know what these mats are. Measurements of the area you’re working with. And the precise environment. You must know how to protect your vehicles from anything on the ground. Because they don’t need any part of them getting messed up. They are always helpful for your car and safe for your construction site.


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