5.0m x 1.0m x 150mm

Ekki Bog Mat Specification

This is the Bog Mat Specification for the 5.0m long x 1.0m wide and 150mm thick mat. Timber mats are constructed from tropical hardwoods providing the durability and stability needed in a bog mat.

        • Our 150mm mats are capable of carrying up to 65 Tonnes (UDL) per mat on reasonably flat ground.
        • GJ Bog Mats supply timber mats throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and globally.
        • Countersunk steel bolt and washer (M24)
        • Lifting Point M24 Steel Bar
Tropical Hardwood Mat
european hardwood bog mats

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Our bog mats come in a variety of sizes, designed for versatility and ease of use, with our distinctive own GJ MATS Blue painted ends, assuring you of our unique quality. We have created a guide of the Bog Mat Specifications, and also outlined key points to consider. Why not contact the team today to discuss your needs, and whether to hire or buy.  We offer next day UK wide delivery and also ship worldwide.

Our Sizes & Specs of Bog Mats

The sizes vary depending on required end use, with dimensions showing first the length, then width and depth. Length and width are adapted by aligning the mats. The different depths/thicknesses are:

  • 100 mm Versatile for temporary roads or gas and pipeline projects. Ideal for trucks and construction machines up to an axle load of approx. 25 tons.
  • 150 mm Frequently used for temporary floor space for cranes and excavators with an average weight of up to 40 tons. Can also be used as underfloor protection for pontoons, railways, roads or concrete floors.
  • 200 mm Suitable for intensive, frequent and heavy duty applications: heavy duty cranes, heavy duty construction equipment, significant demolition and crawler cranes with a weight of several hundred tons.

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