Bog mats are a valuable piece of equipment in many environments but are nothing less than essential when operating in boggy moorland terrain.

Although many marshy, bog areas are protected sites, they still need to be worked and accessed. But water-logged peat bogs and moorland present unique challenges. The mossy ground traps water like a sponge, which makes the surface far more unstable than other types of terrain. Without ensuring you have the firm base of a bog mat for workers and machinery to operate on, getting the job done safely is almost impossible.

Keep employees and equipment safe with the right timber mats

It might be tempting to think you can do the job quickly enough to be in and out in no time. But skimp on the bog mats and you could be in trouble, putting your precious workforce or expensive equipment at risk of sinking into the ground.

Anyone who’s ever tried to winch an expensive and indispensable vehicle or piece of equipment out of the mud knows how tough it is. Anyone who’s ever extracted anything from a bog will tell you it’s 10 times harder! As well as the difficulty factor, the ruined gear, health and safety risks and knock-on effect on your project’s schedule can all have far-reaching consequences.

The irony is that if you get stuck in a marshy bog, you’ll probably need to get a timber mat involved to get you back out if it anyway. By using them from the start of your project, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy and money in the long run. Using timber mats makes financial and practical sense. And with many of our moorland and peat bog landscapes being conservation areas, it offers reliable ground protection for this fragile environment too.

Should I buy or hire bog mats?

For larger companies, or those who regularly operate in this kind of terrain, buying timber mats might be the more cost-effective option in the long term. For smaller operators, or those who have occasional or one-off projects to complete, hiring bog mats may be more economical. At GJ Bog Mats we have a wide range of European and Tropical hardwood timber mats available for sale or hire. We also offer a buy-back scheme.

Don’t know which bog mats you need? Just ask us!

Whatever your needs, our experienced team can advise you on which of our bog and crane mats suit your requirements and which sale or hire options would be the best value for money for your business. We also offer a comprehensive bog mat service in conjunction with our sister company. This includes delivery, off-loading, installing & uplifting across the UK.

To find out more about how GJ Bog Mats can help with your project, get in touch with our team.