Use G J Grass Protection Mats and you can stay on the grass.

That’s right – with our grass protection mats, you can keep ON the grass!

No need to worry about soft, vulnerable or uneven ground. Whether you are in a meadow, a field, park land or environmentally sensitive terrain, grass protection mats will save the day – and the grass.

Robust, high density grass protection mats can be supplied for safeguarding against heavy vehicles, machinery, wheelchairs, trolleys, heavy footfall by people or animals and more. They are available short-term or for long periods.

An experienced CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) accredited team will visit your site, make an assessment and recommend exactly what you need. When you are satisfied, they will deliver, offload and install suitable grass protection mats. They provide an efficient packing up service, too.

Grass protection mats are typically used for large events such as festivals, agricultural shows, equestrian spectacles, expositions and exhibitions. They are useful for sensitive construction sites, gateways, sports parks, playgrounds, golf courses and stables too. The mats are suitable for uneven ground and allow for drainage (SUD’s Compliant, Sustainable Urban Drainage System, when necessary). One customer commented,

“5 weeks on you can hardly see it as the grass grows through it”

The best bit? Once your event is over and packed up, nobody will know you were ever there.

Mud glorious mud. Or is it?

Take Glastonbury for example.

We have all seen the incredible mud – Glastonbury is famous for it. This outstanding annual music festival is set on a Somerset farm, spread out over a number of fields. Is it surprising that when hundreds of thousands of people all turn up at the same time and spend endless rainy days on soggy farmland, the result will be one gigantic mud bath? If only they had called in GJ Grass Protection Mats.

Ahoy there!

Then there is the annual Beaulieu Boat Jumble. A proper salty affair set in the heart of the New Forest. Boat lovers from all over the country and many from overseas descend on the beautiful ancestral home of the late Lord Montagu of Beaulieu. They are all attracted by boats, bits of boats and boating paraphernalia. They run an excellent pick-up and drop-off service from the car park. You can spend a few hours buying, then jump on the back of a truck, take all of your purchases back to your car and start all over again. Grass Protection Mats are a God send for such events.

The Royal Welsh Show

Every year hundreds of thousands of people and animals tread the Royal Welsh Show ground. Cars and farm machinery of every description are manoeuvred around the fields. Fortunately, it is a purpose built show ground with roadways and footpaths. Other agricultural shows held all around the country don’t have such luxury and convenience. Another job for GJ Grass Protection Mats!

If you have an event planned call for GJ Grass Protection Mats now for advice and safeguarding you can rely on. Phone 07896 265 981 or 0800 7747751.